September 22, 2016

Creative introduced NUNO Series of portable Bluetooth speakers

Creative Technology Ltd today announced the Creative NUNO Series of designer lifestyle portable Bluetooth® speakers. The series comprises of the compact Creative NUNO and the even more compact palm-sized NUNO micro. With the Creative NUNO series, simplicity is the new luxury.

NUNO means 'woven cloth' in the Japanese language. The Creative NUNO series draws its name from the way the speakers are wrapped in sheaths of woven fabric, resulting in a signature rustic minimalist look. The clean lines embody the timeless appeal of simple, well made, handcrafted pieces of art.

With a styling that looks simply amazing whether you’ve carried it to your office, dance studio, or the park, or anywhere at home, the Creative NUNO series delivers loud impressive audio with the wireless convenience of Bluetooth. The control buttons are also specially designed to look good aesthetically as well as function ergonomically.

Highlights of the Creative NUNO Series:
  • Enjoy high-quality audio out loud anywhere with a speaker that looks like a piece of designer art.
  • Doubles as a speakerphone when the Creative NUNO or Creative NUNO micro is Bluetooth connected to your smartphone.
  • Switch between tracks and control volume levels with the accessible raised buttons built into the speaker’s top panel that are easily recognisable.
  • Amazingly affordable for a design that looks like a premium speaker that costs much more.

Pricing and Availability
The Creative NUNO and NUNO micro are available from September 2016. The speakers will be priced at:

• Creative NUNO USD49.99
• Creative NUNO micro USD29.99


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