December 26, 2016

E-BLUE Makes a Debut in CyberFusion 2016

Cheered by over 200 e-sports gamers, E-BLUE captured everyone’s heart at CyberFusion 2016, the largest LAN Party in South East Asia. E-BLUE is renowned for its PC and gaming peripherals and it makes a debut in Malaysia starting this year. Introducing the ground-breaking concept of E-Sports Stadium, E-BLUE is changing the cyber business scene ambitiously, it revitalizes the typical internet cafes into a completely new and competitive business model, offering gamers an ultimate gaming experience beyond their imagination.

Gamers at CyberFusion were invited to experience at E-BLUE Combat Zone, fully enjoyed the real E-Sports tournament setup that is extremely cybernetic, futuristic and cannot be found anywhere. It also remarked the pre-launch of E-BLUE gaming series that is first time introduced in Malaysia.

Exciting gaming with peers in 3 days 2 nights, gamers were overwhelmed by the exhilaration, especially when they received the abundance of fabulous prizes sponsored by E-BLUE, not only they could win an array of gears including the exclusive Ironman series, the luckiest winner can even play at our VIP lounge with his team of 10. The picture contest further stirred up the momentum, as everyone was extremely eager to win the Auroza Gaming Chair, which is the world’s No.1 gaming chair as rated by PC Gamer. And the chair finally goes to the winner who successfully gets over 10,000 likes on instagram in three days.

“The whole E-Sport Stadium concept – environment, settings and peripherals are extremely incredible, it is nothing like I’ve ever seen and this is the standard that current internet cafes have to transform to, we as gamers always want to game at an excellent gaming environment and giving us a platform to enjoy, train and perform” said by a Cyberfusionist named Darryl Tan. While many others gamers also reverted similar feedback and really long for E-BLUE to open new E-Sports Stadiums near their living and study areas.

CyberFusion is Malaysia’s annual LAN party event where E-Sports and PC enthusiasts gather yearly across Malaysia. The event was held from 9th to 11th December 2016. Over 200 gamers participated and enjoyed 3 days and 2 night of pure gaming madness.

E-BLUE is determined to bringing more exciting events to gamers and leading E-Sports as a mainstream in South East Asia. There will be more and more big moves coming up, stay tuned with E-BLUE.


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