May 18, 2019

Creative announced the Creative Pebble Plus desktop speakers

Creative Technology today announced the release of the Creative Pebble Plus, a set of 2.1 USB-powered desktop speakers that comes with a newly-designed standalone subwoofer for supreme bass effects - giving it the one-up on its popular predecessor Creative Pebble, which was well-received and highly regarded by users as one of their favorite PC speaker upgrades.

Bringing the Audio Performance Up A Notch
Featuring efficient 2-inch mid-range drivers that are angled at 45 degrees to ensure that the sound reaches the PC user optimally, the Pebble Plus speakers are designed with the user as the center of attention. Together with the addition of a brand new 4-inch down-firing ported subwoofer, Pebble Plus simply puts the user in the audio limelight!

Beauty in Simplicity
Echoing the design of its predecessor Creative Pebble, which was awarded ‘Best Computer Speakers 2018' by PC Mag, the minimalistic yet eye-catching Pebble Plus is made with aesthetic simplicity in mind. Through its elegant profile and sleek form factor, the speakers blend immaculately into any desktop environment.

Connect with Convenience
Powered entirely by USB connectivity, Pebble Plus provides additional convenience by eliminating the need for a wall power socket. Devices are connected to the speakers through the universal 3.5mm AUX-in cable. The front-facing controls are located at the front of the main speaker for quick and easy access.

Get More Out of Pebble Plus
With a simple switch of a button, Pebble Plus is driven into High Gain mode for stronger bass and room-filling audio - at no loss to audio quality! For old PCs that cannot support the higher USB current, Pebble Plus will still perform well when switched to Low Gain mode.


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