May 22, 2019

Garmin unveils a new dash cam lineup with the Dash Cam 46/56/66W and Dash Cam Mini

Garmin announced the new Dash Cam 46/56/66W and the Dash Cam Mini, the latest additions to its popular dashboard camera lineup. Thanks to a variety of options available throughout the new series, including an ultra-compact design, high resolution video, an extra-wide field of view, GPS, and voice control, drivers can easily find a Garmin dash cam that is tailored to their specific needs. Want to record cross-traffic at a busy intersection or capture the most important details on the road in high-quality HD video? Not a problem. Interested in documenting the exact time and location where an incident takes place? Garmin dash cams with built-in GPS have drivers covered there as well. Searching for a compact, discreet dash camera that blends inside a vehicle without getting in the way? Thanks to the introduction of the ultra-compact Dash Cam Mini that’s about the size of a small car key, Garmin has that too.

With the new Garmin dash cam lineup, drivers can take advantage of a reliable 140-degree or an expansive 180-degree lens that captures a wider field of view of incidents happening on the road. Select models offer the option to record high-quality HD 1080p or even 1440p video with Clarity HDR (High Dynamic Range) for enhanced performance during the day or night.

All Garmin dash cams are Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® enabled, so drivers can conveniently sync video files from multiple cameras with Dash Cam Auto Sync or upload any saved incidents to a compatible smartphone. Additionally, advanced driver alerts1 are available on select models, including forward collision and lane departure warnings, nearby red light and speed camera notifications2, and “Go” alerts to enhance driver awareness.

The new dash cam series offers multiple options for storing, viewing and ultimately sharing the footage captured. It all starts with the free Garmin Drive app that conveniently provides drivers – who have paired their dash cam with a compatible smartphone – with instant access to a saved video on the devices. Dash Cam Auto Sync and the Garmin Drive app can automatically sync video from up to four new Garmin dash cams to provide 360-degree coverage around a vehicle—from the front, back, and even the sides. Users can easily share a picture-in-picture video from any two perspectives.
Drivers can also take advantage of voice control features on many of the new dash cam models. By simply saying “OK, Garmin,” users can start and stop audio recordings, take still pictures, or start and stop the Travelapse video capture feature that condenses hours of footage, into a shareable clip—all of this without having the driver remove his hands from the steering wheel.


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