July 16, 2019

QNAP Introduces QSW-308-1C and QSW-308S, the Cost-optimized 10GbE Switches for Home and SOHO Users

QNAP, a leading computing, networking and storage solution innovator, today released the QSW-308-1C and the QSW-308S, these 8-port Gigabit Unmanaged Switches feature three 10GbE SFP+ ports, and support both SFP+ and RJ45 ports for connecting network devices. The newly launched QNAP QSW-308 series switches provide a cost-effective 10GbE solution to satisfy various kinds of hybrid 10GbE/1GbE network infrastructures in homes and offices.

The QSW-308-1C and QSW-308S are equipped with three 10GbE SFP+ ports and eight Gigabit ports for users to optimize high-speed networking. The QSW-308-1C includes one additional 10GbE SFP+/RJ45 combo port that is compatible with 10GbE and NBASE-T technologies to support five networking speeds (10Gbps, 5 Gbps, 2.5Gbps, 1Gbps and 100Mbps). The SFP+/RJ45 (copper) combo port enables users to realize higher network speeds with existing Cat 5e and 6a cables.

“The QNAP QSW-308 switch series offers a highly cost-optimized 10GbE solution for home and SOHO users,” said Boden Chen, Product Manager of QNAP, adding “The QNAP QSW-308 switch series features the integration of SFP+ and RJ45 ports, allowing it to meet versatile network infrastructure deployment requirements. When integrated with QNAP 10GbE NAS, Network Adapters and Expansion Cards, the devices can empower many types of bandwidth-demanding tasks, while enabling you to easily connect to 10GbE-capable workstations or servers for an enhanced productivity network environment.”

The desktop-sized and fanless QNAP QSW-308 switch series is sleekly-designed to blend in with other devices in digital homes and offices. It also features plug-and-play for simple set-up, auto-negotiation for optimal speed, and performs duplex detection when connecting devices.


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