March 3, 2020

BenQ announced Two new lineup of monitors

BenQ recently announced a new lineup of monitors which are the EW3280U 4K HDRi monitor under the standard BenQ model and ZOWIE XL2746S for the eSports centric ZOWIE category. These two monitors are catering to different types of users in the market, so don’t compare them side by side. The EW3280U is the latest 4K gaming monitor aimed towards immersion and entertainment. It’s HDRi technology combines brightness control, color balance and saturation alongside unique HDR techniques to alleviate image contrast and clarity through its active intelligent adjustment configuration. Coupled with its sleek design and brown gold color scheme it definitely stands out as an elegant and powerful display device.

For the sound department, BenQ’s own treVolo audio engineer integrated 2.1 channel into the monitor. We don’t know how it sounds but should be better than other monitors with built-in speakers. By utilizing acoustic and psychoacoustics, there are 5 modes available preset equalizers to choose from – Game, Cinema, Pop/Live, Dialog/Vocal, Rock/Party.

The ZOWIE XL2746S is made for esports, which comes with native 240Hz refresh rate and prioritize responsiveness above anything else while being a 27-inch model. Traditionally high responsive monitor for competitive shooters is usually 24-inch models, the release of XL 2746S should add more choices for players and organizers alike without losing any side of the bargain.

It also comes with the Dynamic Accuracy Plus (DyAc+) technology that reduces blur to provide clearer motion during shaky scenes, such as recoil control or rifle spraying in competitive shooters. Players can take advantage of this feature for ease of use, especially those with motion sickness.

The EW3280U is available in Malaysia now for RM2,899 while the ZOWIE XL2746S is at RM2,499


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