August 7, 2020

MSI Unveils Next Level Content Creation Desktop PCs and Monitors to Unleash Your Unlimited Creative Vision

Without question, MSI is not only the market leader in the gaming hardware industry but also the pioneer in the Content Creation market with an innovative range of technologies. As the world tends to be unpredictable, MSI keeps on developing products with stylish, stable, and the best performance for all kinds of creators. Today, MSI launched the brand new Content Creation Desktop PCs: Creator P100X and Creator P100A with another new monitor, Creator PS321QR & Creator PS321RV, designed for creators and multi-taskers.

Creator P100 Series: Inspired by Revolutionary Creators That Are Idolized Even Today

George Nelson, one of the most creative designers in the mid-20th century, played a very important role in that period and was representative of the Mid-Century Modern style. George Nelson always foresaw the unknown world and put his imagination into the creation of living objects. The MSI Creator P100 series was gifted with clean lines, geometric forms, gentle organic curves, a love for different materials, and functionality that meet the desires of different creators. Instead of making just a “PC”, Creator P100X and P100A will be part of creators’ life with a stylish, luxury & aesthetic design.

Inspired by Revolutionary Creators That Are Idolized Even Today 

Bolt to the Next Power

Creator P100 series is designed and tested specifically for creative workflows. It is loaded with the latest 10th generation Intel Core i9 processor and the most powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card, which is capable of up to 8K video, real-time ray tracing, and AI-assisted features. It will not only make your creativities come to life with super-fast ray tracing, but also deliver physically accurate shadows, reflections, and lighting for every detail of your creations. P100 series uses a cooling design that grants independent airflow to its processor, graphics card, and power supply keeping this compact unit cool even under heavy loads while creating.

Bolt to the Next Power 

Working on a NAS? The Creator P100X with a ThunderboltTM 3 supports super-fast data transfer that reaches 40 Gbps and provides better power charging. This creates one compact port that does it all: delivering the fastest, most versatile connection to any dock, display, or data device including NAS. Furthermore, connect and transfer data over a network with high-bandwidth and low-latency 2.5Gbps Ethernet LAN or with the latest Wi-Fi 6 that is 3 times faster than standard Ethernet LAN. Creator P100 series not only accelerates your workflow but also optimizes your multitasking.

Eco-System Solution Designed for Creators & Multi-taskers

The MSI Creator P100 series with the brand new Content Creation Monitor, Creator PS321 series, bring the world’s first Eco-System Solution: Creator Center & Creator OSD. Creator Center and Creator OSD can synchronize DT and Monitor for users. Tailored for your creative needs, the Creator Center optimizes the overall performance with an easily adjustable system mode even under heavy load. Creator OSD is a software developed to allow easy access to your screen profile, color modes, and even screen assistance at any time. The MSI Creator P100 with PS321 series will help you find the most proper and accurate color gamut for every creation.

Eco-System Solution Designed for Creators & Multi-taskers 

What's Perfection? Creator PS321 Series with a Perfect Asymmetry Design

Creator PS321 series was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man and Joan MirĂ³’s The Harlequin's Carnival which is representative of the perfect symmetry and asymmetry. It is also inspired by the combination of Western oil & Eastern ink painting: an ambient lighting design with an asymmetrical circle and a curved line on the back perfectly blends with its symmetrical square on the front which brings a perfect asymmetry design for users.

Creator PS321 Series with a Perfect Asymmetry Design 

Creator PS321 Series is the world's first monitor with rapid IPS technology which supports QHD with 165Hz or 4K with a 60Hz refresh rate. Its 32” 4K (3840 x 2160) /QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution allows you to work with truly expressive details and textures when it comes to graphic design & footage editing. It also can fit both creator's software interface and graffiti on the same screen without having to switch between maximizing or expanding different areas of that software all the time.

The MSI Creator PS321 Series with IPS technology greatly enhances the intensity and purity of its on-screen colors because it can absorb the excess light wavelengths of LED. Furthermore, with a superb 99% Adobe RGB and Delta-E ≤ 2, Creator PS321 series can display the richest color of the creative works and bring out the most accurate & realistic color representation for outdoor and nature photography. It is also capable of displaying a wide range brightness up to 600 candelas(cd/m2) and contrast, it will offer the most dramatic immersion in the amazing HDR contents with HDR 600, no matter if it's for your creation or amusement.

Creator PS321 series, with the magnetic monitor hood & a side card reader design, brings you an intuitive creation experience & an efficient color management workflow. With a magnetic monitor hood design, it brings you a tool-free environment and in the case of professional image editing, accurate color contrast. With a side card reader, you can intuitively back up your content and PS321 will make all the difference in ensuring the quality of your work and color management workflow as well.

Creator P100 series and Creator PS321 series Content Creation Monitor were born to unleash creators' originality and unlimited creative vision. Sleek, slim, and powerful, both of them are Creator's dream desktops & professional monitors.


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