April 28, 2023

LG expands larger selection of gaming services in their TVs with new Boosteroid and enhanced GeForce NOW

LG has announced that it will be expanding support for its 2023 TV products by adding more features to webOS-based displays.

Through the Game Quick Card feature, gamers are capable of accessing services such as GeForce NOW, Utomik, and Blacknut from the get-go. The new stuff comes in the form of Boosteroid, a cloud gaming streaming platform that does what the others are doing.

But of course, the point here is to add more supported platforms so that no matter which team you’re on, you’ll always be able to game with the award-winning OLED TVs with 0.1ms response time and low input lag.

Back to the details. GeForce NOW users may stream 4K60FPS with no additional downloads on 2023 models with support for older 2020 to 2022 models getting it in the future, provided that they are running (or capable of) webOS 5.0 or higher.

As for Boosteroid, owners of LG TVs from 2021 to 2023 with webOS 6.0 and higher in Europe and the US can get it up and running to gain access to hundreds of wonderful games with 18 worldwide servers to provide the smoothest and most responsive gameplay.


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