June 19, 2014

Giada Light up InfoComm 2014 Show in Las Vegas with Latest and Greatest Server and Mini PC

Shenzhen JEHE Technology Development Co., Ltd., one of the world's leading cloud computing and system solution providers, will stun in InfoComm 14 with its state-of-the-art server and Mini PC in Las Vegas from June 18 to June, 20, 2014. InfoComm, the largest annual conference and exhibition for AV buyers and sellers worldwide, will definitely attract thousands of tech-savvy enthusiasts, and JEHE Technology embrace all the attendees and sincerely invite them to visit their booth (Booth No. : N1675) to interact with their assorted range of sophisticated and power packed products. 

As the brand-new era of big data and cloud computing has approached, JEHE Technology spare no efforts to innovatee creative and competitive designs for consumers to cater to the new tendency. JEHE Technology devote to research and develop server product line to provide surveillance, personal information storage, security system and smart home equipment platform for the home consumer. JEHE Technology realize that server integrated with low-cost, high-efficient and environmental protective soft & hard wares represents the irresistible trend of the small & medium enterprise.

The star of this show is Giada’s lean and mean server and Mini PC. Mmaximize the system performance and stayin true to portability is the persistent design conception of JEHE Technology. The next generation servers and Mini PCs to be displayed at InfoComm 14 pack capability into slim, making it indeed something to behold. In addition, visitors will also be enthralled with the multi-screens decor available in the booth, which they can experience a new dimension in product display and demonstration.

·GIADA S100: NAS server adopting Intel® Celeron® 1037U processor, it owns superior computing capability over ARM products. GIADA S100, with GIADA’s self-developed NAS software system, special and tailored design, is the best choice for Home , SOHO users and Small & medium enterprise .

·GIADA S200: Microserver with New generation Intel® Avoton SOC designed for cold storage, leading 22nm fabrication process, ultra low power consumption and better stability; On board Aspeed BMC chip which features IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) support, providing intelligent and delicacy management remotely for storage server.

·GIADA S302: Storage server targeted at enterprise level; It adopts the 4th Core i3 Xeon-E3 V3 Haswell Refresh platform processor to satisfy customers ‘ requirements for better performance and data expansion.

Mini PCs:
·GIADA D2308U: it’s integrated with the latest 4th generation Intel i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce. GTX750 graphics for rich, immerse, cutting edge gameplay. Ample memory storage level for storing all your favourite 3D games and high definition graphics.

·GIADA F300:It adopts Intel® Haswell I5 processor, positioned in High-level Zero Noise Digital Signage Market with fanless design; It’s equipped with JEHE’s new Active Hardware Control Technology(JAHC) to wake up, Auto Power On and Infrared Remote Control before entering the operating system . It’s “Do-it-yourself” Barebone Mini PC customized for the users to transform their PC into their personal dream machine.

·GIADA G320: It adopts latest Haswell U Series I5 CPU, AMD E6760 GPU, and supports 6 DP digital output; G320 is the best option for multi-display Digital Signage Player ( up to 6 screens) with slim figure(only 28mm) and 2 screws to disassemble the cover to change hard disk. It is the dreamy machine for DIY customer system builders with maximum efficientcy.

Apart from the above mentioned products, JEHE Technology will also showcase its entire range of intelligent products including the Mini PCs models such as the I56, I39, the smart and versatile Q30, and many more. System servers including the S100, S200, N70, N20 will also be demonstrated in the booth. The Tower Server E3 launched in this exhibition applies the newest Intel E3 processor of 22 Nano fabrication process technology, realizing the perfect combination with performance and cost. E3 server stands on the top of application platform and provides the best server solution for small&medium enterprise.

GIADA has always perused in high performance, utilized environmental friendly materials and has always kept the consumer’s demands in mind, thus incorporating it into these sophisticated gadgets for exceptional value and consumer satisfaction. GIADA products, with their book-sized design style and luxurious performance features, have swept through the Mini PC and server market and collected lots of prestigious awards in these years. Except for those technophiles, numbers of Technology tours come to communicate and explore the latest and promising technological issues with GIADA, and GIADA’s cooperative partners spread worldwide such as Intel, AMD etc. In addition, numerous media tours report on GIADA products, making it a prime choice among customers.


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